Video work

I worked intensively making video during the years 2002-2007. My production of that time can be divided into two moments. In the first one, 2002-2003, I researched the phenomenon of perception. I was also interested in mixing painting with video through video installation and video sculpture. The second Phase, 2004-2005, is the project that I called “Third World”, where I traveled throughout Central America making portraits of people and their environment .

Here you can see more about my video production:

Phase 1. A look “on the other side of the mirror” (2002-2003)

The idea was to explore the limits of my perception. To Sensitize myself about things that I pass unnoticed but that others, because of their different conditions, do perceive. I made artistic research projects on blindness. I worked with groups of people in society who, due to their out-of-norm condition, develop another perception of things, moving away from the common sense of the mainstream. So I had the opportunity to work with blind people, a dwarf, a street musician and alcoholics.

Phase 2. “Third World” Project (2004-2005)

The traveling camera

For several years I traveled with my camera (photo and video) through Central America making portraits of people and their environment. The idea was to record with the video camera the before-during-after the photographic ritual.

I started the project in 2004. Over time, I have been weaving discourses that the same process is telling me or that I am discovering from what the images suggest to me. My interest has been to explore the tensions and flows between the static image and the moving image as well as to reflect on the image as a sign. Thus, I have tried to capture with my video camera the internal movement of that frozen moment typical of the portrait genre. It is in this moment of suspension where video, photography and painting cross each other.