“Origin” Project

Violence and toxic ideas can be viral

The levels of violence we are experiencing today are exaggerated, anachronistic and absurd. Most of the violence has its origins in dogmatic thinking, that is, in the way we build our belief system (ideology) and how this system ends up shaping our identity. All this leads us to think that the real battle has always been in our brains.

Therefore, we must work in a new education paradigm, to create a new global culture. This means reviewing our values: Power relations vs. reciprocity, competition vs. cooperation, individualism vs. community, discrimination vs. unconditional social acceptance, meritocracy vs. egalitarian relations. In “Origin” I would like to discuss these topics and to encourage people to think critically, stay well informed and be able to ask ourselves the proper questions.


Inspired in the investigations of neuroscientists,  economists and social thinkers, this visual essay combines images and text to dig into the roots of violence, revealing how it is a structural problem that lies in the foundational ideas of our culture.

The civilizational process that began with the Neolithic Revolution was the beginning of an ongoing era of violence. The patriarchal mentality became hegemonic over the next millennia establishing a culture of war that has been inherited from generation to generation. Complex hierarchies, social stratification, Power concentration, control mechanisms, humans as commodity (Slavery) and dehumanization. In other words, a fertile breeding ground for spirals of violence that persist until today.

The analysis begins in prehistory and goes through important historical moments from the first civilizations to the present. I would like to create a hybrid work in which I would like to present scientific information in a didactic way and on the other hand think about such topics through small biographies.


Interviews from my research process

Excerpts from the Interview with Ueli Mäder

Language: German

Excerpts from the Interview with Daniele Ganser

In German with english subtitles.


«Origin» is an animated documentary short film about the origins of violence. The film essay strives to objectively present solid, well researched and convincing information and interrelations. At the same time the main task of the film will entail the creation of appealing and convincing metaphorical images

Background and Intention

Violence is an omnipresent topic that concerns all of us directly or indirectly. Wars, amok runs, terrorism, suicide, domestic violence, murder, genocide, rape, social marginalisation have become, via mass media channels, our daily news. While the spiral of violence increases we often do not find an explana­tion of its cause. How does human violence function? Is violence a structural problem of our global culture?

To understand why all this is happening we need to understand how our human brain has evolved and to dig deep into the roots of our cultural habits and our notion of civilization.

In this film I would like to critically point out some socially and culturally accepted misconceptions about violence and raise important questions about the sense and nature of our economical, political and social system as a whole and within the context of our global economy. With means of film, «Origin» is looking for new aspects, paradoxes and insights about the phenomenon of violence.

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Video teaser for crowdfunding Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign for “Origin” just finished succesfully!!!. I want to thank most sincerely everyone who contributed to the cause in anyway. I’m very glad to be able to work in this project from May. Check out the video and the link for more information.