Showreel 2017


“Origin” Project goes Infocomic

“Origin” is a research project about the roots of violence. The goal is to analyze this phenomenon  from a historical, socio-cultural and neurobiological perspective.

The project began as an idea for an animated documentary. After trying to find funding for its development in the jungle of film production in Switzerland, I decided that it was better to change strategy. Now I’m working in the developement of an infocomic (graphic novel).  I am excited to continue working on the project’s ideas in book form, as it is a medium that lends itself very well to integrate the didactic dimension with the artistic one.

So far, I have researched and collected many information. Over time, I have been able to build a thematic structure that covers the critical points that help us understand the phenomenon.

Here you can find more information about “Origin”

I’ll be the presenter of the story. I will walk and visit places, comment on the information and bring in my own thoughts. I will also bring some humour and connect the theoretical information with biographical stories of people that has expanded our understanding of the topic.



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