Hell Ride

The most recent music video I’ve worked on. Produced by Space Camel. Check it out.


This is a music video about detachment made for “The Failures”. Thanks to them for the inspiration and great music!


“Origin” is a research project that explores the roots of violence from a historical, socio-cultural and neurobiological perspective.

I’ve been working in the conceptual framework for two different final products. The first one an animated documentary film and the other one an Infocomic.  Complementary ideas have emerged during the creative process for each one of the final products, what has meant an enrichment of the whole. Even though the process has lengthened, the ideas have matured and my vision continues to gain strength.

So far, I have researched and collected many information. Over time, I have been able to build a thematic structure that covers the critical points that help us understand the phenomenon.

Here you can find more information about “Origin”

My goal is to help to expand our understanding of this complex topic.


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