Length: 4:31 min
Year: 2021

The zoom out of the camera reveals stories that get constantly updated in another one. Stories inside stories: a sacred forest in flames, the loss of our center, an alienated culture that has lost its connection with nature, the kitsch of art, 2 guys singing blues in a bar after the end of the world, art as catharsis, the death of a loved one, emotional detachment, a guitar solo that closes a cycle and opens a new one, the hope that makes its way like a root that slowly breaks the concrete. All these simultaneous narrative lines converge to the rhythm of the music.

Our lives are marked by cycles. Life and death, creation and destruction, beginning and end are part of our paths. Facing the end of a cycle, the death of a loved one, the destruction of a sacred space, can lead us through spirals of pain that are not always easy to overcome. Music and images reflect on the emotions related to any kind of loss trying to go beyond what words can’t express and reason can’t understand. After the fall of our civilization, life will continue to regenerate and reinvent itself.