Primitivo is a parody about human evolution. The film explores in a metaphoric way the swings and flows between the wild and the civilized inherent to our human nature and how the growing speed of things is shaping ourselves.

Producer: Nadasdy Film

Length: 3:10min

Year: 2017



A clip about Eco-sufficiency made in collaboration with  Colourtelling

3rd place at the myblueplanet one minute video Festival “Less is more”

Length: 1 min
Year: 2017


Films for the Earth

Image Video made in collaboration with Colourtelling

Client: Filme für die Erde

Duration: 2:18 min
Year: 2016


Dj Segundo

Promotional motion graphics video for Dj Segundo
Duration: 0:40 Sec
Year: 2015




Documentation of the video installation at the “Künstlerhaus S11” Gallery  in Solothurn, Switzerland
Duration: 1:51 min
Year: 2013



Banana Republic

The Story behind the productA film inspired in the history of the Banana production in Central America by North American Multinationals. A metaphorical approach about how everything was turned into the same.

Nominated for “Best Animation Short Film”. Icaro Film Festival 2012, Guatemala, Guatemala.
Duration:7:20 min
Year: 2012


T for totem 

Documentation of my Media Art graduation project. An interactive video installation.
Duration: 1:41 min
Year: 2009



The snow making machine

Where and how do we get our energy?
In a global system which is efficient to generate abundance but inefficient to distribute it, we are living a transition to a new energy paradigm. the snowmachine reflects about how our world gets feed and wich are the consequences

Duration: 1:27 min
Year: 2008



A trip through fantastic worlds inside a machine, give us the opportunity to recycle fragments of the history from the countries called „Banana Republics“

First Place in the “One minute Film & Video Festival Aarau”. Switzerland

Duration: 1 min
Year: 2007


Animation Showreel 2013