Primitivo is a parody about human evolution. The film explores in a metaphoric way the swings and flows between the wild and the civilized inherent to our human nature and how the growing speed of things is shaping ourselves.

Producer: Nadasdy Film
Length: 3:10min
Year: 2017



A clip about Eco-sufficiency. With this film we wanted to expose the contradictions of the search for a sufficient lifestyle, but also that small decisions in our everyday lives could make the first step on the road to sustainable development.
3rd place at the myblueplanet one minute video Festival “Less is more”

Concept: Colourtelling
3D animation: Hugo Ochoa
Length: 1 min
Year: 2017

Films for the Earth

Image Video made in collaboration with Colourtelling

Client: Filme für die Erde
Duration: 2:18 min
Year: 2016


Dj Segundo

Promotional motion graphics video for Dj Segundo
Duration: 0:40 Sec
Year: 2015




Documentation of the video installation at the “Künstlerhaus S11” Gallery  in Solothurn, Switzerland
Duration: 1:51 min
Year: 2013



Banana Republic

The Story behind the productA film inspired in the history of the Banana production in Central America by North American Multinationals. A metaphorical approach about how everything was turned into the same.

Nominated for “Best Animation Short Film”. Icaro Film Festival 2012, Guatemala, Guatemala.
Duration:7:20 min
Year: 2012


T for totem 

Documentation of my Media Art graduation project. An interactive video installation.
Duration: 1:41 min
Year: 2009

The snow making machine

Where and how do we get our energy?
In a global system which is efficient to generate abundance but inefficient to distribute it, we are living a transition to a new energy paradigm. the snowmachine reflects about how our world gets feed and wich are the consequences

Duration: 1:27 min
Year: 2008




A trip through fantastic worlds inside a machine, give us the opportunity to recycle fragments of the history from the countries called „Banana Republics“

First Place in the “One minute Film & Video Festival Aarau”. Switzerland

Duration: 1 min
Year: 2007



Animation Showreel 2013